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Tour Aotearoa 2020


Kōpiko Aotearoa 2021

Day 1 – Taranaki Treats

Saturday February 27 I impressed myself by setting a new record for packing up tent, bags and bike this morning, even though I faffed around a bit because this was my first night back in a sleeping bag and tent in almost a year since the end of the Tour Aotearoa - 50...

Day 0 – Cruisey drive, high expectations

Apologies - this is my first blog entry on the Kopiko. Friday, we had to head straight to bed for a very early start on Saturday; Saturday we had no phone signal or wifi at Pukeho; and Sunday I had mobile signal but a tech glitch on this site. So, it’s now Monday at...

Kōpiko – the wandering way

Auckland, Thursday, Feb 25th Well, our bikes are packed and we’re ready to go! Kopiko here we come! Tomorrow morning, Kennedy and I drive down to Cape Egmont in Taranaki for the start at dawn on Saturday of our 1,100km, 10-day Kopiko ride across the North Island to...

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