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Day 2 – Forgotten World

Mar 3, 2021

Sunday, February 28

Our morning was on gravel backroads through remote Taranaki farm country to the Republic of Whangamomona. Across the road from the hotel, where we had a big lunch, Kennedy upheld his namesake’s park before we hit the road again.

For a vivid telling of some of our highlights along the Forgotten World Highway, please listen to Kennedy’s piece this past Monday on Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan on RNZ. This is his regular fortnightly slot Off the Beaten Track, which includes a picture gallery

Sunday wasn’t such a long day, 97km and 1,300m of climbing, in just under 7 hours plus stops, to get us to Ohura. Listen to Kennedy’s description of it, and below is our wonderful hostess Michelle, in her Fiesta Food caravan on her Main Street campsite, next to her shop. Another grand day through glorious countryside.

Descent from the Whangamomona Saddle
Lunch at the Whangamomona Hotel
Stopping for Roma’s goat’s milk soap…
…Roma regaled us with her extensive knowledge of her products, and their scientifically proven dermatological properties.
And stories from history such as Cleopatra bathing in ass’s milk,
and donkeys being milked outside hospitals in Victorian London to treat people with bedsores.
How do you pick the choice fruit from the tallest pear tree on the planet?
Sunset on the main street of Ohura

…dinner at Michelle’s Fiesta Food caravan with some fellow Kōpiko riders.
Kennedy and I had pitched our tents in Michelle’s campground behind us,
under the orange sunshade behind the tree. A fine outdoor shower there too!